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Why Fibreglass?
Why Smart Buyers Turn To Fibreglass?
1. Speed Of Installation.
Your fibreglass pool is delivered straight from the manufacturer, pre-made and ready to install.
You can be swimming in as little as 4 days, whereas a concrete pool takes at least 3 months.
2. The Finish.
Fibreglass pools have a smooth gelcoat finish that is not abrasive with no sharp edges or rough finishes.
3. Maintenance Free.
The gelcoat finish on fibreglass pools not only looks great but is also easy to look after.
The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is stain resistant and require less
chemicals saving you $$$$ and giving you more time to enjoy.
4. Salt.
Salt water is becoming very popular and yes, fibreglass pools are totally compatable with
salt water.
5. Strength.
Remember what do they use to build aeroplanes???? FIBREGLASS!!!!
Yes fibreglass  is very strong but at the same time is able to flex to accomodate
earth movement unlike concrete pools which have a greatly reduced flexibilty.
6. Colour Range and Finishes.
Fibreglass pools come in a great range of colours and finishes, from standard though to
starlight and shimmer finishes which make you feel as though you are swimming in
a pool of diamonds !!!!!
7. Hassle Free.
Fibreglass is the easiest most hassle-free pool material available.....
So do you want to relax and enjoy, or worry the choice is yours !!
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